QJson vs RapidJson vs JSON.parse – Round 2

Hi, here’s the round 2 of QJson vs RapidJSon vs JSON.parse. Following the request from twitter user knobtviker to test parse a large file with more than 10, 000 entries, I’ve made round 2 of QJson, RapidJson and JSON.parse comparison. This time round the JSON file used is a huge file (~62MB) with 1 main object and 3 arrays under the main …Read more »

QJson vs RapidJson vs JSON.parse

Previously i blog about how to use QJson* classes in Qt5 to parse Json file and I did mentioned that I’ll be doing a benchmark comparing the QJson* with javscript JSON.parse() in QML. I’ve done it, and here’s the result I’ve done comparison between 3 methods, which is QJson, RapidJson and JSON.parse. Since the json file is quite small (5kB), …Read more »

Parse Json with QJson in Qt5

I’ve been started to use Json and learn to parse json ever since I started working on creating a Remember The Milk app for mobile project. I’ve been using qjson for Qt4 and glad to find that QJson is available in Qt5. But I found that not much example is available online on how to parse json with QJson in …Read more »

Sailfishapplication and setContextProperty

I’m very excited on the last 2 days since the Sailfish OS Alpha SDK was released. I’m working on a new project for harmattan and hence I would like to test it out how easy it was to port the UI from Harmattan to Sailfish Silica. Well, that’s another story hence I won’t cover it in this post. All I …Read more »

Ubuntu One for Linux Mint 14

I’ve written a post on how to get Ubuntu One client for Linux Mint 12 a year ago and I think it’s time for me to update the details. This time, I would like to show you how to get Ubuntu One client on Linux Mint 14. First, assume you know how to open a terminal, open a terminal and …Read more »

Make, NMake, and JOM

Just a very short blog post from me as I would like to share you some information I recently discovered. Just a quick update to all of you, I just got a day job as a software engineer a few months back and my company uses Microsoft Visual Studio as the tool to develop in house software for a machine …Read more »

Example of FAIL Project

I’m working on an existing project for the past few months and will be working on it for the next few months or years. I can’t review much on the project I’m working but one thing I could tell is the project is not my personal project and it’s not related to the projects I’ve been working on (which is …Read more »

What’s NOT New in Windows Phone 8

I came across this webpage while browsing through my twitter feed this morning with title “What’s new in windows phone 8″ http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/how-to/wp8/start/whats-new-in-windows-phone   I feel disgusting as I read through all the “NEW” features in WP8 so in response, here’s a blog post on what I think and what’s NOT new in Windows Phone 8 Kides corner: Yes, this is …Read more »

WifiTrans v0.2.0 Released and A Little Update of The Future

Moving forward from Wifitrans v0.1.0 to v0.1.1, v0.1.2 and finally the v0.2.0 is released today. Compare with the initial release, Wifitrans has more variant now (the paid app, Wifitrans, the free version WifitransFree and the full version for Maemo 5 WifitransN900). It has more functionality than the initial release which users can create directory from their browser, folder archive selected …Read more »

Announcing WifiTrans and WifiTrans Free for Harmattan

I’m a lazy guy! I’ve always lazy to connect my phone to usb for transferring file to/from my phone. Bluetooth is the only alternative but it’s very slow making it completely useless in transferring huge files (imaging transfer 1GB movie using bluetooth……). Transfer files using wireless network is a better choice. Searching through the Nokia Store, I found that there’s …Read more »

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