Creating Mageia Live USB

Following my previous post “Mageia 1 Released“, i have successfully downloaded the LiveCD Iso.

Hence, the next task for me is to create a Live USB for Mageia. Since Mageia is the fork of Mandriva, i would assume that Mandriva Seed should be able to create Live USB from the ISO file that i’ve downloaded.

Sad to say that i’ve no luck in carry out this action inside Windows 7, it just simply couldn’t detect my USB, hence, i reboot my laptop into Fedora 15, launch a simple line of command in terminal and the get my Mageia Live USB working!!

Below is how i did it.

In terminal:

sudo if=mageia-livecd-1-KDE4-asia-noindia-cdrom-i586.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4096

if you do not sure which is your USB device (/dev/sdX), just simply  type in:

sudo fdisk -l

and you will get a list of output, try to find your USB device in the output based on the size of your USB device, normally it should be /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc.

Please unmount (safely remove) your USB device before entering the command above. Goodluck… ….

4 thoughts on “Creating Mageia Live USB

  1. Hi,

    can i translate this post for thanks


    PS= i’ve already used as base the short guide about skype, is there any problem? if yes, please let me know

  2. >>sudo if=mageia-livecd-1-KDE4-asia-noindia-cdrom-i586.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4096

    sudo dd if=mageia-livecd-1-KDE4-asia-noindia-cdrom-i586.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4096

  3. For those that remember of it’s existance, there is also a graphical program called “” which you can run from the command-line. Normally you’d go (note the minus after the su since you need access to graphics as root):
    su –

    …however, if you don’t have that script, using dd at the command line is far simpler. I would also suggest increasing bs=4096 to a larger value such as bs=256k (at minimum 16k).

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