Wonder what is Qonsumer? You might need to refer to this post if you don’t know what is it. A brief intro for Qonsumer is

An app which calculate and compare unit price of items to assist consumers when shopping, written in Qt/Qml

As for today, the first version of Qonsumer (0.1.0) is released. The feature in this  app is

  • Calculate the unit price of an item
  • Compare between 2 items which one is worthier (item that has lower unit price)

This app runs in portrait orientation, therefore, sorry for the N900 Maemo user (include myself), the VKB (virtual keyboard) has not yet been implemented in this app, hence, you would need to key in the price, name and unit of items by using hardware Qwerty keyboard in portrait mode

There are several to-be-included features/functions for the next release:

  • Text input area highlight when get focus
  • VKB for Maemo 5
  • Ability to compare more items ( maybe up to 5 items)

This is an initial release, feel free to drop me a line if you have any comment/suggestion or you found any bug, users suggestion is always the key for improvement.

This app is available for download for Maemo 5 for N900 and the source for this application is available at gitorious

The package for Harmattan Meego 1.2 and Meego 1.2 CE for N900 will be available within this week, because there’s still some glitch yet to be solve on this 2 platform, stay tuned, Thank you very much

Here are a few screenshots

**[p/s] If you want to back to the default screen from help screen, simply press and hold on any text on the help screen