DNC was released yesterday, if you are wondering what is DNC, here’s a short description

DNC, Distrowatch News Client for Meego/Harmattan which offers you quick access to the latest news headline of distrowatch, latest packages release right from your mobile devices

If you are still confused, i suggest you have a look on the DNC debut post

There are several bugs/problem pointed out by a nice guy who help me test this application on N950 as in the meego.com forum thread

Hence, i’ve made some minor changes and borns the DNC 0.1.1. Below are a list of changes/fixes for version 0.1.1:


  • Link for Latest Package page has been disable due to redirection back to distrowatch for every package link
  • Busy indicator (loading animation) for screenshot in News Headline page
  • Fix Button issue for News Headline page, now both button would open an external browser for News and Distro respectively on clicked
  • List View will only snap to 1 item.
  • Removal of quit button at the main page
Please click here to download DNC 0.1.1, happy using 😀