I’m a huge fan of Qt and uses it for my mobile application development as well as writing software for my academic projects. I see Qt everywhere except on my own desktop wallpaper. After searching on the internet, i found there’s no well suited Qt wallpaper for me, hence i decided to DIY.

I believe that there are a lot of Qt fans (just like me) out there and they may also searching for Qt wallpaper, hence, i would like to share the 2 wallpapers i’ve created. These 2 wallpaper are not brilliant nor artistic, it is just a plain wallpaper with the Qt logo and slogan at the center, making it a clean and nice looking wallpaper. Click on the thumbnail below to download/view the original size image.

Please drop me a comment if you like or have any feedback for the wallpapers, this is the first time i attempted to make a wallpaper and publish it, hope you will like it 😉

and here’s the Qt wallpaper 2 on my Linux Mint 12 Cinnamon desktop. Looks clean isn’t it? 😀