[URGENT] This application is reported to break your device when you upgraded your N9 from PR1.1 to PR1.2. Please read the solution here

v0.1.1 available at Nokia Store. Please read the release/guide here. v0.0.4 is deprecated, please don’t download and use this version.

As promised earlier, I’ve been working on v0.0.4 update for “Home Screens Background Settings” application. It took me awhile longer than expected to finish up this update as this is an major update which brings some additional features and hopefully settles the random unable to copy problem reported by users.

Here is the changelog for v0.0.4:

– change the theme to dark theme
– added a confirmation dialog for resetting all to default
– change back the apply button to restart phone on confirm
– thumbnails on homepage shrink by 10% and added white borders
– jpeg files cant be browse and selected in gallery
– added a image converter (python script) to convert jpeg images to png
– added a new edit page for editing photo before copy
– the edit page include a image preview that is live and the orientation follow the to be set home screen orientation
– added a blur function to the image edit
– added a black mask function to the image edit
– added a menu and a menu item “about”
– updating from previous version doesn’t remove the existing wallpaper starting from this version
– the machanism used in this release for copying background is no longer copy using root priviledge but chown the background files on the meegotouch backgrounds folder to user:users and copy using user’s priviledge, hoping to be more reliable

Please note that you will be prompt for installing additional dependencies when you updating which will install python-imaging package which is used to manipulate those background file.

Know problems are:

– There is a slight lag when you select an image from gallery because it’s converting and copying image to a new and temporary file name.
– There is also a slight lag when you select or reset blur effect and applying the changes in the edit image page as the program needs some time to process the blur image and/or applying the mask and also copy it to the destination directory.

The phone will be automatically restarted once the update is done to eliminate the red background problem.

Below are some screenshot of v0.0.4, more can be found on my flickr photo album:

Please download the deb package here: http://linux4us.org/downloads/homescreenbg_0.0.4_armel.deb

As this is a testing release, please do test it out and report any bugs/problem by commenting on this post. I’ll try to fix it before we move on to stable release v0.0.5. Hope you enjoying this update 🙂