v0.1.1 available at Nokia Store. Please read the release/guide here

Greetings, first of all, I would like to apologize for the problem this application brought to you during upgrade from PR1.1 to PR1.2. If you face those problem, please read the solution here.

Problems exists and solved, and the application updates should be continued. Before I go in deep about this major update (from v0.0.5 to 0.1.0), I would like to re-state that:

  • This application is for adventurous users only, who would like to take a little risk to customize your phone.
  • Before you start using this application, you should read through the explanation of how it works so that you know what the problem is and report/fix it should you have some issue with it.
  • This application is reported only works with developer mode enable. Therefore, if you do not want to enable developer mode in your phone, please don’t use it.
  • This version is recommended to work for PR1.2 and above. Please make sure your phone is upgraded to PR1.2 and developer mode enabled before you install this application.
  • Since this application needs developer mode enabled to work, it will not be appear on Nokia Store (unless the developer mode enabled problem is solved)
  • If you installed this application before, please remove the previous version, restore the PR1.2 css file if you found it ruin your home screen before you install this version.
  • Last but not least, this application may void your phone’s home screens, and as always, the developer of this application (me) will try my best to assist you should you face any problem after installing this application.

Thanks for Vesuri’s tips, the mechanism of changing the home screen background has been reworked completely so that it wouldn’t change the base css file, instead, it changes the blanco theme css file.

Here’s the download link for this application: http://linux4us.org/downloads/homescreenbg_0.1.0_armel.deb . You must have developer mode enabled for it to work.

Again, please be warn that this application is strictly for adventurous users only. Happy using and do comment here if you face any problem.