Home Screens Background Settings finally make it’s way to Nokia Store. Before go through the installation link, I would like to warn users one more time that:

  • This application is strictly meant for adventurous users only
  • This application is for PR1.2 only
  • This application is reported to change the base meegotouch theme css file (actually it only adds a “import” line to the css file). It’s true, therefore, it’s for adventurous users who would like to customize their home screens background.
  • Please, install at your own risk, but as always, do drop me a comment or email me should you face any problem, I’ll try my best to assist you.

Version 0.1.1 differs with v0.1.0 which it adds the import line to the base meegotouchhome.css file instead of the blanco theme meegotouchhome.css file. Therefore, the background still applies even when you change the theme. (for example, using theme changer from apps.formeego.com).

But as previous edition, there’s always a risk where the application fail to work or the home screens is void after upgrade to newer version (PR1.3 perhaps) due to the update of base meegotouchhome.css file. With the mechanism used in v0.1.1 which only adds a “import” statement to the base meegotouchhome.css file, upgrading the css file would only makes the application not working instead of spoil the home screens (as previous edition did, because of the restoration of old version css files). A re-installation of the application should solve the problem

All and all, it’s still a risk for some users as “it changes the base meegotouchhome.css file” which considered as not safe compared to “changes/create to the blanco meegotouchhome.css”. Therefore, please use this application if and only if you are a real adventurous user.

End of the long warning part, here is the link to the store. http://store.ovi.com/content/255033

P/S: Please don’t confused by this application and the application “home screen settings”. The later application can assist you to set the home screens orientation and have blur wallpaper and sine wave function which differs from this application, which only enables you to customize backgrounds for all your 3 home screens + 2 orientation.