It’s been few weeks since my last blog post due to heavy final year project workload at my university and slow internet connection at campus. I think it’s time for me to update the “Home Screen Background Settings” application and it’s status.

First of all, I would like to thank some users for sending feedback about this application and offering some help (Diego, @sugardad, and etc). Version 0.1.1 that was previously available at Nokia Store has been un-published due to the “Change of system file issue” with v0.1.1. I have tried to fix the issue by following Vesa’s guide which adds an import line to the “/usr/share/themes/blanco/meegotouch/meegotouchhome/style/meegotouch.css” file rather than the base theme css file (which is the v0.1.2). But the update doesn’t pass Nokia Store QA for the same reason, “Change of system file”.

I think that it’s quite impossible to change the home screen backgrounds without at least adding the import line to the theme file. Therefore, I would like to announce that this application will not be available at Nokia Store anymore (:( ).

I know much of the users like to customize and tweak their phone (n9/n950). The ease of customization is one of the features of MeeGo (Harmattan/Maemo6) that makes us unique from other close and restricted phone (IOS and/or WinPho), therefore, I would like to release the version 0.1.2 update for those adventurous users that like to customize their phone. I would also like to warn users that this application has been down-graded as experimental applications which may void your phone or the application itself do not function as expected.

Nevertheless, as usual, support will be provided by me should you choose to use this application but it’s user’s responsibility when you choose to use this application and if your phone is void. Please read the through the warning message at this post before you install this application.

v0.1.2 has the same function as v0.1.1 except for the fact that it changes the blanco theme css file compare to the previous version that changes the base css file.

The deb package is available for download here:

Last, there would be no future update for this application available except there are critical bugs found. This application has been down-graded to experimental application and use it at your own risk. As usual, do email or leave a message here should you face any problem installing and using this application. Thanks for your support and I’m looking forward to create other good apps for N9/N950 users as well as writing blog post. Thank you.