I would like to announce the release of QtWatermark version 0.1.0 which is a minor update from last version featuring:

  • improved camera UI with flash and white balance settings
  • imrpoved watermarked photo preview page with remove photo function and sharing
  • the sharing function uses harmattan’s  ShareUI Framework meaning that you can share the photo to any of the accounts you’ve setup in your phone which includes twitter, facebook, flickr, picasa, dropbox and also bluetooth, email and MMS.

Below are the screenshot of the new features of QtWatermark 0.1.0

 You might encounter a “could not share this file format” dialog appear when you watermarked the photo you’ve selected in gallery and share it. Please press “ok” on the query dialog and re-share it which would solve the problem.

The version 0.1.0 of the QtWatermark is submitted to Nokia Store for QA and should be appearing on the Nokia Store within few days if it passes the QA process. For those of you who doesn’t want to wait, you can download the debian package at my meego public build repository here. Happy using and any commend/feedback are welcome. 😉