I would like to share a quick trick on how you can lock the screen (turn off the screen) of your N9 or N950 without pressing the power button. The application LockScreen is useful in turning off the screen without pressing the power button but you need to minimize your running application, go to the launcher home screen and click on the LockScreen launcher in order to lock your screen, which makes it less handy when you are listening music, browsing web and etc but want to off your screen quickly.



So here’s a quick trick on how you can turn off your screen without pressing the power button.

What you need:

  1. Lock Screen
  2. My Moves

What you do:

  • Launch the MyMoves application

  • Click on the “My Moves” button

  • Click on any gesture you want (in my case, the 2 finger swipe down) and click on “Application” button

  • select the application Lock Screen from the application list and YES! you’re done setting up the trick.

Now, make sure the My Moves application start observing your gesture and swipe down using two fingers on anywhere and you’ll notice the screen turns off!! Hoorah, the trick works!

P/S: Be-careful if you select the swipe down for lock screen gesture, DON’T swipe from the edge, or else you would close the application accidentally (this happens to me when I’m enjoying a very nice song and swipe down to lock screen, which closes the music player…… :'( )

P/S 2: Thanks a lot to Topi Santakivi for the great My Moves application so that I can perform this trick 😀