Hi all, I would like to introduce you my new application portal. Open a new tab, enter the following on the location text field http://apps.linux4us.org (or just click this link :P) and there it is, the new application portal. The reason I build this application portal is because I feel that it’s better to have a place where users can view all the applications available for them, browse through the screenshot, read the description and changelog and have links directing them to the download location, all in one place. The user experience of browsing the application would be way better than searching through the applications available at my blog here.

Here are a few screenshot of my new application portal (catalog), have a look:

Apart from announcing the application portal, I would like to take the opportunity (without writing another blog post) to introduce you my portfolio site @ http://portfolio.linux4us.org . The portfolio site show work that I’ve done with a little screenshot, short description, open source projects and the programming languages I speak that may or may not available at application portal. For those who would like to offer job opportunity for me and wonder what I’ve done, you can have a look by visiting my portfolio site. 😀