I’m a lazy guy! I’ve always lazy to connect my phone to usb for transferring file to/from my phone. Bluetooth is the only alternative but it’s very slow making it completely useless in transferring huge files (imaging transfer 1GB movie using bluetooth……). Transfer files using wireless network is a better choice. Searching through the Nokia Store, I found that there’s only a few application made to transfer data from/to phone using wireless network, and I found that none of them satisfying all my needs (I’m a crazy user!!  Evil grin…). Therefore I’ve decided to write my own application for handling my requirement.

So after few weeks of coding and learning how to create python http server, the application WifiTrans is done! I would like to take the opportunity here to thank Thomas Perl for his opensource project serverr which much of my code is referring from this project. Next, thanks to the python-simple-fileserver on google code for the upload script and last but not least, thanks to Craig Buckler for his HTML5 drag and drop file upload script.

Here’s a short guide for new users (erm, I think at the time of writing, all are new users except for me and my personal app tester :P), launch the application, make sure you are connecting to wireless network (self-created wireless hotspot or other wireless network), switch the wifi server on as shown in the screenshot below:

Open a browser in your laptop, make sure it is connecting to the same wireless network with your phone, enter the IP address shown in WifiTrans and key in the username and password when prompt. Now, go back to WifiTrans on your phone, you will see the following screenshot:

Tap on approve to approve the IP and reject to blacklist the IP. The approved IP address will have the permission to upload/download files from your phone. Therefore please make sure you don’t approve any IP address other than your own (and remove the IP address from the white list after you’ve done the file transactions to prevent IP address injection from other machine).

There’s a quite useful feature which is the image previewer. You can enable image preview on the menu as shown in the screenshot above. Please bear in mind that huge data will be transmitted across the wireless network if you enable the image preview feature and may drain your battery.

You can close the wifi server anytime my turning off the wifi server switch or close the application. Please turn off the wifi server when not using it for power saving.

As you can see from the post title, this application is divided to 2 versions which is the paid (WifiTrans) and the free(WifiTrans Free) version. The paid version has all the available functions (sorry for bull-shitting 😛 )and the free version only has file browsing and download function (without the upload and image preview). These 2 versions is submitted to Nokia Store for QA. For those who want to use it now, you can download the free version at apps.formeego.com under the applications waiting for review->network section.

Thanks for visiting and as always, please drop me comments here or email me should you face any problem using this application or have any suggestion. Thank you very much.

P/S: I have a public repo on repo.pub.meego.com, you may have some surprise there 😉