Moving forward from Wifitrans v0.1.0 to v0.1.1, v0.1.2 and finally the v0.2.0 is released today. Compare with the initial release, Wifitrans has more variant now (the paid app, Wifitrans, the free version WifitransFree and the full version for Maemo 5 WifitransN900). It has more functionality than the initial release which users can create directory from their browser, folder archive selected directory and also able to delete files and folders.

Apart from that, security feature is enhanced over the last few version which block file upload from unauthorize IP and enable/disable delete option to avoid client from accidentally or intentionally delete the files and folders.

I think that WifiTrans is grown into a mature application and have decided to stop developing new functions for it and only will work on bug fix in the future, except that there is a demand from users to add some new features for it. Meanwhile, I’ve moved forward from being a student to a worker. This phase change means that the time allocated for developing applications (my part time job) will be less than the past and I would need to be more focus on single project in order to bring users quality application for improving their life using smartphone devices.

Therefore, I’ve decided to focus all my energy into developing Piggy. It has been in Beta stage for a long time and me and a few users are eagerly anticipating the stable release of it. That’s all from me and do write me an email or comment here if you have any feature request or bug report for WifiTrans or any suggestion. Thanks 😉

P/S: The download link for all 3 variants of WifiTrans is available at this forum thread at TMO and it will always be updated whenever a new version is released 🙂