I came across this webpage while browsing through my twitter feed this morning with title “What’s new in windows phone 8”



I feel disgusting as I read through all the “NEW” features in WP8 so in response, here’s a blog post on what I think and what’s NOT new in Windows Phone 8

  1. Kides corner: Yes, this is a new feature that’s not yet available in any smartphone but I think we can achieve the same using Android 4.2’s multiuser feature
  2. Wallet: I think it’s available for Android on the previous release. The key is “Is it reliable?”
  3. Microsoft Account: HELL! What’s so special about it? You need a google account for sync when using android and you can use multiple account (dropbox, google and etc) in the account settings at MeeGo Harmattan! So again, what’s so special about having a Mico$ost account then?
  4. Back up your stuff: I can achieve the same on other platform and using my favorite cloud storage: Dropbox!
  5. New start screen: This is not fascinating at all, because the tile makes me think that I’m back to the 90’s with Windows 3.1, but just a colorful win 3.1….. And believe me, the tiles will drive you crazy when you have large amount of apps in the list.
  6. Ease of use: We call it the “accessibility” and it’s available on the first day since I use my smartphone. NEW feature huh!?
  7. Update on the lock screen: OMG!! The lock screen on my N9 wont’s get updated automatically!!!! Is it?
  8. Add storage: Another feature that I have since I started to use feature/dumb phone. An old feature in feature phone is a new feature in smartphone, brilliant philosophy by Micro$oft again!
  9. Hassle free update: Do I need to flash my N9 everytime there’s an update?
  10. Group sync and contact sharing: I don’t wana repeat so many times but it’s available in other platform already!!
  11. All the email + messaging feature: I’m too lazy to list it down 1 by 1 but all those attachments and emoticons, we have it for years already, it not a new feature, but instead, we can reluctantly call it an improved feature. It’s like spraying perfume on a rubbish and make it smells better, that’s all.
  12. Better browser: Well,  IE10 is better than IE9 but take a look at it’s HTML5 score, still way under-par
  13. Maps: Hmm, the maps is amazing if using Nokia Maps
  14. Photos + camera: I can share the photo taken on my N9 to dropbox, facebook, picasa, flickr and etc and I can edit it before sharing, so what’s so NEW here?
  15. Say goodbye to Zune and hello to XBOX: so they are jumping from a piece of shit to another piece of shit.
  16. Office mobile: It would be weird if they don’t have MS Office on board….
  17. New store: Just a changed of store name…
  18. Bluetooth sharing: I can do it even in my old Nokia 5130!!

I feel that WP8 has much improvement over WP7.5 but those are not new feature and you can’t surprise customer with this set of features especially my 1 year + old MeeGo Harmattan OS on N9 is capable of doing 80% or more on the list above! So think about it when you wana choose the OS, don’t be driven away by those fooling marketing strategy. It may looks like new, but actually it’s NOT!!