Hi, here’s the round 2 of QJson vs RapidJSon vs JSON.parse.

Following the request from twitter user knobtviker to test parse a large file with more than 10, 000 entries, I’ve made round 2 of QJson, RapidJson and JSON.parse comparison.

This time round the JSON file used is a huge file (~62MB) with 1 main object and 3 arrays under the main object. For each array, there’s some attribute and another array which consists of over 1, 000, 000 data.

This json file is the output file of an instruments software, hence, I will not share the json file here as well as code to parse the json file (I don’t have right to share it…)

Here’s the result:


As you can see, QJson took 720+ ms for complete parsing and just slower than RapidJson (660+ms). And again, JSON.parse is the slowest that take exactly more than 5 seconds for parsing.

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s a graph.



So again, RapidJson is the fastest and QJson is slightly slower and the last place goes to JSON.parse. 😉