Jolla Tablet Shipping Postponed

Received an email Yesterday about the delay of Jolla Tablet shipping schedule from Indiegogo campaign notification (I’m one of the early backer of Jolla Tablet). It supposed to ship sometime next month but according to their blog post

We’ve been working very hard all year to get the Jolla Tablet ready. We have progressed very well in many areas, but as there are still many open items remaining, we are forced to postpone the delivery start of the Jolla Tablet.

I think it’s understandable from a developer point of view. We always wanted to try our best to solve as much problems as possible before delivering the product to our customer. Hopefully I can receive the highly anticipated Jolla Tablet with Sailfish OS 2.0 sometime around July or August this year.



Sailfish OS Update for Jolla

Another important news mentioned in the blog post is software update Äijänpäivänjärvi is going to release to the public soon. Since I’ve participated in the early adopters, I’ve already get the update few days ago.

I must say I’m very impress with this software update. I feel that the system become smoother and I love the new visual feedback for the swipe gesture. It definitely feels more natural now!

Another new feature is the 2 parts landscape keyboard. It makes typing in Landscape mode easier! Definitely love the new update and thanks a lot for all the hardware of Jolla engineers 🙂

Source: Jolla iteration 4: news about Jolla Tablet shipping schedule and more | Jolla Blog