I’ve never mentioned in any of my blog post before that I’ve grabbed a Nikon D3200 end of last year (promotion from a shop, S$499, body + kit lens). I remembered that I start to get interest in photography when I was assigned as the photographer during an event in univeristy (actually I don’t have any prior experience, just grab the DSLR, learn some basic skill online and shoot).

Since purchasing my D3200 (forget to mention, it’s a red color D3200!), I’ve went to a few places for photo-shooting. Last weekend, I’ve decided to visit Sentosa Island and take a few shoots along the way.



Arrived at Vivo City at the morning and decided to walk into the island instead of taking the monorail. Taken a few photos of the crane and the path way before entering the island


vivocity before entering sentosa island

vivocity before entering sentosa island


Saw a cruise parking at the harbour.


cruise park at harbour front



On the way in, taken a photo which I think can be used as my handphone’s wallpaper <3


wooden ladder


Here’s another shot of the cruise from the island.


another angle of the cruise




Walked through the center part of the island before reaching the beach at the other side of the island. Taken a few photos on my way through but feel that it’s too ugly to be shared. IMHO, scenery at the beach is not so nice compare to the side facing Singapore, hence only able to select a photo for sharing.


Siloso beach



Not every part of the island had been explored because it starts to get a little hot by the afternoon. I will be back again for some night photography next time. 🙂


Siloso beach