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Android SDK aapt error loading Fedora

Encountered a problem when trying to build a sample Qt project for Android The error message is aapt: error while loading share libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory The cause of the problem is… Continue Reading →

How to Solve PyOpenCL ‘clGetPlatformIDs’ failed

Found an error while trying PyOpenCL and PyCuda at my workplace recently. Solved it after googling around, thinking wanna record it as a blog post to help peoples who face the same problem. I’m using Ubuntu Gnome 15.04. PyOpenCL and… Continue Reading →

Dot Pattern Image Using Python PIL

While search openCV tutorial online few days back, I came across a post to create dot pattern image using OpenCV & C++.  I’ve follow the tutorial and created 1 using Python-OpenCV. It’s working and I’ve taken 1 more step to… Continue Reading →

May the 4th be with you. It’s Star Wars Day!

Using Locator in Qt Creator

Qt Creator has been my only choice for C++ IDE for years. I’m feeling ashamed that I’ve only discovered the usefulness of the “locator” recently. The “locator” is located at the bottom left of Qt Creator where you can activate… Continue Reading →

Photography at Sentosa Island, Singapore

I’ve never mentioned in any of my blog post before that I’ve grabbed a Nikon D3200 end of last year (promotion from a shop, S$499, body + kit lens). I remembered that I start to get interest in photography when I… Continue Reading →

Jolla Tablet Shipping and Sailfish OS Update

Jolla iteration 4: news about Jolla Tablet shipping schedule and more

Jolla Tablet Shipping Postponed Received an email Yesterday about the delay of Jolla Tablet shipping schedule from Indiegogo campaign notification (I’m one of the early backer of Jolla Tablet). It supposed to ship sometime next month but according to their… Continue Reading →

A New Start for Linux4us Blog

I’ve not abandoned this blog! Today mark a new start of this blog. Several things had been cleaned up and a new theme! Thanks a lot for Anders Norén for the wonderful theme. Do check back often to view new contents of this… Continue Reading →

QJson vs RapidJson vs JSON.parse – Round 2

Hi, here’s the round 2 of QJson vs RapidJSon vs JSON.parse. Following the request from twitter user knobtviker to test parse a large file with more than 10, 000 entries, I’ve made round 2 of QJson, RapidJson and JSON.parse comparison. This time… Continue Reading →

QJson vs RapidJson vs JSON.parse

Previously i blog about how to use QJson* classes in Qt5 to parse Json file and I did mentioned that I’ll be doing a benchmark comparing the QJson* with javscript JSON.parse() in QML. I’ve done it, and here’s the result… Continue Reading →

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